point of interest

Marinatips presents you a new feature in a form of integration of Points of Interest – POIs in our application that will even more simplify the planning and searching during your sailing trip.


We are one of the few that have integrated a clear and simple listing of POI points directly in our app. To all details, we have gathered all the available POIs, which you may visit in case you need to. For each group of POI, you are displayed maximum number of 20 points, meaning for example 20 restaurants, 20 ATMs, 20 bars nearby and so on.


What are the POIs (Points of interest)?


POIs are any places, shops, services, attractions, simply everything useful and interesting that can be currently found close to you. You may come across the POIs most often in cartography,  in particular in electronic variants of GPS navigation systems. To a massive extent, they are also used in Google maps.


And why are they included in Marinatips application?


Because, in case you already moored somewhere or you are just planning out your next adventure, you do not have to worry anymore about finding the suitable places and available services that you particularly need on your trip. Do you not know where to go for dinner? Where to change money or find a post office? No more googling is required. You simply have it all in one within Marinatips application.


39 types of POIs is really a full-range offer. You may find there literally anything from a bank, through a dentist, church, to a late-night shop. With POIs you can definitely find anything you need.


Each POI contains the following information:

  • name,
  • GPS coordinations,
  • comments by reviewers,
  • photo gallery,
  • phone contact,
  • opening hours.


Thanks to the algorithms that we have developed, you are able to see particular POI directly on a map along with its distance from your current location.


So, there is just one thing left for you. To set out for sea with a Marinatips application and try out this new feature, that has definitely added more value to our application. We really hope that Points of Interest will make your sailing trip even more pleasant and unforgettable.


Marinatips Team