Marinatips App

Marinatips App

Imagine you can find all necessary yachting information on one place. A tool, that could help you to find out how far is the desired place, or radius, which makes planning your cruises easier. This is not just imagination, it’s reality! MarinaTips app provides information about anchorage ground, weather, contacts, and gallery. All these things are available in MarinaTips app. Thanks to these features you will get an overview about the locality for your cruise. Offered tools and algorithms developed by us make planning, searching, and recording your cruise easier. Searching anchorage grounds will be a piece cake thanks to the app that you have always available on your phone. Let’s have a look at all these features, so you can see its uniqueness.


Map with all the information

The map itself is “a brain of the whole action”, meaning it’s a crucial feature. You will find there literally everything. It has numerous pictograms from which you can read easily, whether you are looking at a marine, a wharf or an anchorage ground and a lot more. Additionally, the map is clearly arranged thanks to colourful pictograms. What each pictogram means, can be seen in the picture below.

Thanks to extended features on maps, you can find anything you require. Whether you are searching for types of anchorage grounds, type of country or region, services for a ship or crew, comments added by fellow users or types of attractions, in other words, POIs. You can create various combinations according to your preferences that you are interested in.


After opening a pictogram with a location, you find here ton of information that contain the name of the location, coordinates for determining an exact location and the name of the location, region, or country. Contact information, such as e-mail or web site of locality with a list of free captains that crew can contact in case of emergency is important as well. Facilities of locality is marked with pictograms, that indicate a restaurant, a shop, water and electricity source and a lot more. We cooperate with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and with a company named Windy, thanks to which we provide our users with weather forecast for the next 3 days and online information about wind conditions, as well as about cloudiness, precipitations, visibility, fog, or pressure. All these information is important for the captain as well as for the rest of crew. In each locality you can find whether the anchorage ground is available as well as the information about distance and comments by fellow users as well as photos of the locality.

User’s profile

The whole app as well as the user’s profile is well arranged. If you want to sign up, you have to provide an e-mail address where you will receive access information. You will use this data for signing in and using provided features. When you sign up, you will be able to use basic features as in free version that can be used for your cruise. For unlocking more features, you would need Premium licence, which would provide with even more information. You can read more about advantages of Premium version below. You can add optional information to your profile, such as your first and last name, telephone number, the name and type of the ship and a date of your cruise. Settings of the map, language setting, turning on and off notifications and grouping of spots on the map are also a part of your profile. It’s also possible to set units of measurement of temperature, distance, and speed of wind.

We created an app, which is totally intuitive, and you can find everything you need just through few clicks. We also wanted to make easy for our users to create content. Just through one click, you create a new spot and with a few more clicks you can add there all the information that is available. After creating the spot, the place on the map, it is possible to edit contact information and information about services for a ship and crew. The main advantage is that you can make notes about localities or particular details, but also you can share your knowledge with friends.


More features thanks to the licence

Despite the big amount of information in free version, which is unlimited in time, you can get even bigger amount of information. If you buy Premium version, you will get access to all the information and services that this app brings. Whether it’s a complete access to anchorage grounds, extended filtration, search tools on the map, notification banners about approaching localities, complete weather forecast for a few days ahead and displaying available spots near you. Thanks to buying licence, the app will you provide with all the information that might be useful for your cruise. You can get more information about licences on our web site by clicking at “Home” section.

We believe that you are impressed by the content of the app as we were impressed while creating the app. We would be pleased if MarinaTips makes your cruise a piece of cake and you can enjoy the sea, the sun, and the wind in your hair.

Marinatips Team