About Us

marinatips s.r.o. - About Us

Marinatips is a new player on the international market of applications that make sailing easy. Who are we? We are a team of yachtsmen with a passion that became our lifelong hobby. Based on our experiences, we created a smart sailing guide in a form of a mobile application, which will serve the whole yacht community.


How it all began?

When we started working on our smart yacht guide, not a long time ago, our first idea was to make all necessary information about yachting accessible in a unified form. We have developed an application that takes care of all troubles, inconveniences and problems that we all have to deal with before and during the sail. How? The solution is easy. There are thousands of places, all around the world, in which millions of people anchor every day. However, there is no unified online platform that meets requirements of captains about these places. Accessible tools are limited as they contain either insufficient information about ports, or they lack a more complex range. When planning a sail trip, we do not only need a map of ports but also information about some interesting locations around them that may make our sail trip richer in experience and unforgettable. We are the only application on the market that distinguish between different types of standing, which is the key when deciding about ‘what’s next’. To sum it up, Marinatips can find for you everything you need.

  • Are you looking for a suitable marine?
  • Do you want to leave your yacht by a buoy overnight?
  • Would you like to spend a day in a city port?
  • Is there any suitable anchorage in the radius of 4 NM for a lunch break?
  • Are there any interesting places around? (historical monuments, war bunkers, fortifications, caves, cliffs or a beautiful beach)
  • Is it going to be sunny or windy in the next couple of days?
  • Is there going to be water, electricity, a restaurant or a shop in our destination?

If you are searching for answers to these kind of questions during your trip, you are in the right (and only) place. Thanks to a system of notifications, you will not miss anything. No more browsing on lots of different sites, forums or blogs. Use the services of our smart yacht guide and let us make all the information available so that it becomes an invaluable part of your trips.



The Marinatips application is also about building a community and connecting yachters who like to share their stories and experiences. Whoever is interested can add a new marine, a city port, a buoy by an island, an anchorage in a bay or any other interesting place or attraction. You can add a comment or a review, or even create a place description. You would not only do a favor to yourself but also to other lovers of yachting and traveling. And, who knows, maybe you will use the information added by others during your next trip.


Our aim

Marinatips wants to be the place where you find support for your future sail trips and which makes your destinations easily reachable.


Team Marinatips