In Slovakia, we say that the Croatia has a “Slovak sea”. If you decide to get to know this lovely country, not only Croatian holiday resorts, but you want to explore the see and to take a cruise on the yacht, you can be sure that this will be unforgettable experience. Who wouldn’t want to experience taking a bath and sunbathing on a breath-taking beach with crystal clear water where there will be no soul, except you? Do not hesitate and give a try to this adventure with your family and friends.

Affordable yachting

Many people believe that yachting is something luxurious, but the truth is that it can afford basically anyone. How to do that in an affordable way? Try to do it in September. Normally, holiday time is in July and in August. Days and nights are warm and there are crowds around us. Surely this period is also magic in its way, it is something typical for summer holiday. But have you ever thought about going to holiday in spring or autumn instead of going there in summer? If you have ever thought about this, go for the autumn. We will mention financial advantages of going there in autumn, but first let’s have a look at the main advantages. In September, you can rent the yacht for a better price than during summer season. Discounts can reach 40-60% of the summertime prices. Since the rent of the yacht is normally the most expensive item, this discount can make the cruise on the yacht more affordable. Let’s not forget about the fact, that also the prices in bars and restaurants will be lower than during main season.

Autumn cruise and its allure

Autumn cruise on the yacht is for many reasons one of the best options. One of the main reasons why cruise in autumn is better than in spring is the temperature and the temperature of the sea. While in spring it would be very difficult to take a bath in the sea (unless you are used to cold water), in autumn It shouldn’t be a problem. Temperature in September is ideal also because of the intensity of sunlight. Afternoon sun won’t be so tiring, and it will create the right atmosphere. The weather in Croatia in September is steady: a lot of sunlight, mild water, and good wind conditions for sailing.


Let’s not forget about less crowds. In September there won’t be a problem with over-crowded beaches, historical centres nor restaurants. The next advantage is a lot of free spots in marine throughout the whole day. There shouldn’t be such a situation that you won’t be able to drop anchor or that there won’t a place for you in a port. Evenings in the city won’t be looking like a Chinese trip with crowds, so you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

How much will it cost?

Whether you choose to do your cruise on a sail or a catamaran, this all depends on your preferences and experiences. Price difference is significant not only when it comes to renting a vessel, but also when it comes to other fees, such as fee for anchoring or fee for fuel. Anyway, both vessels will provide you with great experiences. You can find a few advice about renting a ship in this article. Generally, it is thought that a catamaran is twice as expensive as a sail. In September, the price of the newest type of sail with a size of 58 foot is approximately 390 euros per person, when occupancy rate is 8 people. A catamaran of a similar quality with a length of 50 foot of would cost you 690 euros per person. If you choose even cheaper vessel, you will save more money.


However, this is on the end of charges. You have to keep in mind that you would have to pay for food for the whole crew, for fuel and don’t forget about port fees. All these fees are not that significant, but you have to count on them and draw up a budget. If you don’t have any crazy demands, a price per person shouldn’t be higher than 500 euros.


Yachting is an unforgettable experience in any season and those who have already experienced it, are repeating it regularly, so they can enjoy that feeling of being free again. We believe that autumn cruises are pleasant and we’re always looking forward to them. And when it comes to Croatia, a lot of people think that it’s some inferior destination, however, despite that, we’ve been visiting it for 20 years and we enjoy it every time. Every time we discover magic places and the familiarity of Croatian mentality makes us feel at home. And which route to choose? Here is some tips (click).


Marinatips Team

The best option for yachting? Croatia in September.

The best option for yachting? Croatia in September.