Mobile applications along with their features are developing very fast in all areas, so they are useful at maximum power. When it comes to yachting and providing sea information, there are numerous apps we can use. Every app is specific in various branches, however, in the whole category, the most favourite one is MarinaTips. Why is it like that? Read and you will find yourself, why our app is unique, advanced, and better than any other app.


In-app purchases for more features

It is true that most of the paid apps is possible to use in free version with only limited number of features. Marinaguide offers the least number of features, despite this fact, it has great ratings in Google Play. When you open the app, the map with available anchorage grounds appears, but it is not possible to explore the map in more details. However, this is the only app that it makes possible to buy only one specific region or the whole city for 20,99 euros. Prices of regions are between 5,49 and 12,99 euros. After buying one specific region, only the information about the specific region is unlocked which you can use during your cruise.


App Navily is one of the strongest rivals of MarinaTips. It provides a lot of information in free version which you can use. When you buy premium version, you get the app without ads, the weather forecast for 72 hours, the calculator of distance, the filter of information on the map and the offline version. The price of the subscription is higher than the one of MartinaTips, specifically it’s 19,99 euros. When it comes to prices, MartinaTips is great option not only because of the price, but also because when it comes to the access of the content in free version. You can read more about it in the article “Why to choose MarinaTips for your cruise?”. Of course, there are a lot of apps that are for free, for instance, MySea, Dockwa or Porthop, however, there do not provide a lot of information, such as types of anchorage, favourite spots, calculator of distance or weather forecast.

Great ratings of users of Martinatips got the app to the first place across rival companies

Complete list of marinas, ports, buoys, moorings and attraction.

Map, organization, and features

The map is one of the foundations of all apps that provide information about coasts, anchorage grounds, ports, and other necessary data, which might be helpful for the cruise. Sometimes it just happens that there’s no service on the sea. In such situation the paid version of Navily offers the content without the need to be connected to the Internet. MartinaTips application is trying to develop and that’s why users of this app can expect in a near future the offline version. Information about types of anchorage on the map is available on apps such as MarinaTips and Porthop and partially on Navily. Detailed information about destinations is available in all the apps, except Marinaguide. And if you navigate and you need to drop anchor somewhere or you are looking for new attractions, MarinaTips is one of the best options. It offers a possibility to show you the nearest ports, spots for having lunch or where to visit interesting spots or just relax. Would you like to add a new place on the map? You can do it in more than half of the applications dedicated to yachting, including MarinaTips.


Filtrating of information is one of the features that will make your searching requirements easier. Such filter can be found in apps Navily and MarinaTips, in smaller amount in Marinaguide, MySea and Dockwa. Let’s focus on applications with the complete filter. It can be said that MarinaTips is the most available one. For people that have free version of Navily, it is not sufficient since there is no option to filter any kind of information. When it comes to MarinaTips, the free version offers the filtration as necessary, whether you want information about anchorage ground or country or you wish to search services or attractions, or you want to see comments about localities written by fellow users.


Information about localities and cruises

You want to find out whether the spot has a potable water, restaurant, or shop? Details of locality, contact or available services can be found in every above-mentioned app, except Marinaguide. From mention apps, only Navily and MarinaTips offer the weather forecast. Photos of localities and ratings can be found in MarinaTips, Navily, MySea, Dockwa and Moorspota. In some apps, including MarinaTips, you can share details of locality or cruise. All your cruises can be recorded in more than half of the apps, where you can find the list of all the past cruises.


Pretty sure you want to visit your favourite destinations again. You can mark and save your favourite spots in apps MarinaTips and MySea, so you don’t have to look for them on your phone again. If you want to make a note about particular locality or anchorage ground, you can do so only using MarinaTips.


POI, in other words, point of interest, can be found only in MarinaTips and Mysea. However, useful, and organized POIs are only in MarinaTips.


Booking of the place is an assurance, thanks to which you know, that the place where you want to drop anchor is free. This function can be used in Navily, MySea and Dockwa and luckily, it will be found in MarinaTips soon.


Chat in the app helps you to contact other users and share experiences, get new information about localities, and get ready for your cruise. Right now, this function is available only in Navily, however, you can expect it in MarinaTips soon.

Do you know why MarinaTips has the most positive ratings?

Even despite the fact, that we have mentioned a lot of rivals in this article, we can say that we deserve the first place. Thanks to the number of features, the price and developing, we try to provide our users with the most possible number of information and innovations. We continue to improve the app and in the near future, you can expect booking of places, chat with fellow users and offline version.


Marinatips Team