Poros Marina (Poros) Ionian Islands - Kefalonia - Greece

Poros Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Greece

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Country: Greece GR
Region: Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian
The yacht quay extends along the SE side of the harbour and is marked with yellow paint along its edge. Around 15 – 20 yachts can anchor moor at the quay here in depths ranging from 4.0 metres at the N end to 2.25 metres at the S end. The holding is good in soft mud once the anchor is well dug in, but it can require two or three attempts to make sure it is holding. Shelter on the quay is only moderate from the prevailing NW winds and can become uncomfortable (though rarely untenable) with reflected swell if they are of any strength.

It is possible with care to lie alongside (or, at busy periods, anchor moor to) the outer half of the breakwater. The inner half has rock ballasting along it and, if you anchor moor here, you will need to take lines ashore in your dinghy). The quay is very high here and there are only a few mooring staples and cleats along the sides and top. The best position is alongside the steps, where it is easier to get on and off your yacht.

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