Praia João de Arens (Portimão) Portimão - Portugal

Portimão Faro Portugal

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Country: Portugal PT
Region: Faro
It's an Oceanic Beach in the northern hemisphere bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, located on the coast of Portugal - Iberian Peninsula - in the municipality of Portimão.
Praia de João de Arens Beach is located on the bottom of a cliff end with the same name, at the west side. According to locals, the name came from a shepherd called João de Arens that used to live nearby.
The small sized sand is divided into two by a cliff end, reconnecting again during low tide.
At west, in the northern sand, lies a cave that provides entrance for a grotto. In the east it's possible to access the eastern face of the Ponta de João de Arens through an arc on the cliff.

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