Port Neapolis (Neapoli Voion) Peloponnese - Greece

Neapoli Voion Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Greece

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Country: Greece GR
Region: Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian
Neapoli Voion
Neapoli Voion or Neapolis Voion also named Vatika is a small town in Laconia regional unit, southern Greece. It is built near the south end of Malea peninsula, close to the Cape Maleas Its population is 3090 residents according to 2011 census.

Neapoli is built on the same site as the ancient Laconian city of Boeae, built in the 10th or 9th century BC by the Heracleid Boeus. The city later became part of the city-state of Sparta. During the early Roman era the city belonged to the Koinon of Free Laconians and flourished. The city later declined and was completely destroyed in 375 ADa by an earthquake. In the Middle Ages, the name was corrupted to Vatika, which is still used for the local citadel. In modern times in this place there was a village after the name Pezoula. In 1837 the Bavarian architect Birbach designed the street plan of a new town that was named Neapoli ("New Town").

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