Punta Marinello (Marinello) Messina - Sicilia - Italy

Marinello Messina Italy

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Krajina: Italy IT
Región: Messina
The Laghetti di Marinello nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Patti , in the province of Messina . The reserve occupies over 400 hectares and was established in 1998.
Located under the promontory of the Sanctuary of Tindari , the lagoon area of Marinello is subjected to many morphological variations of the territory which, changing the coast , create lakes of the brackish coast .
The transport on the coast of sand and gravel is due to the deepening of the seabed , due to the action, in this case, of the Tyrrhenian Sea .
The origin of the Marinello lakes dates back to 1877, after the "election" of the Hydrographic Institute of the Marina , which claimed the non-existence of the sandy formation that was already present. On the facing walls there are several caves.

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