Port Sarandë (Sarandë) Sarandë - Albania

Sarandë Vlorë Albania

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Země: Albania AL
Region: Vlorë
Saranda Port is the southern port of entry into Albania. The port has been recently renovated and extended making it possible for cruise ships to moor. It’s very close position to Corfu (only 6 miles) makes it a favorable and frequented port by sailors not only to clear into Albania but also to visit the surrounding area which has indeed a lot to offer to its visitors.

Anchor in the northern part of the bay, in sand, or where directed by the authorities.

It is also possible to berth at the ferry quay near the Port Authority and your agent can help arrange this. Note however that if winds are from the SW and the swell is bad, anchoring is preferable. The dock has recently been rebuilt, is in good shape and is very clean, however, it is rough concrete and may cause concern if the boat is moving around too much. Moor bow or stern-to using your own anchor, or you may be able to go alongside. The depth at the dock is four to six meters. Limited electricity posts on the dock (240V) and limited water. There are toilets in the port building.

Security is good (24 hours) and the ferry dock is close to everything. This would be a possible place to leave the boat if planning to travel inland.

Pier No. 1 : has a length of 50 ml and the depth of the basin at the beginning of the pier is 3.5 m- 4 m. In this quay are processed passenger and vehicle ferries on the regular line Saranda-Corfu-Saranda. Up to 4 ferries can also be accommodated in the vertical position with average capacity
Pier No. 2 : is the pier of cruiser ships with a length of 180 ml and a depth of 9 m. Tourist ferries with a length of 100 m to 210 m are processed at this fort, but during the tourist season it happens that ferries of the "dolphin" type are processed at this fort, because this quay meets the depth parameters for these types of ferries.

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