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Region: Sassari
Forgotten on the Isola Piana, between Stintino and Asinara, it almost seems to belong to no one. It is the fate of one of the most beautiful towers in northern Sardinia: the fortress is falling apart, the central vault has almost completely collapsed, as are the other parts. A situation of neglect and abandonment - which among other things generates dangers for people (many of those who land on the island that once belonged to the Berlinguer) - which does not seem to find justifications.ňThe tower that stands between the beach of Stintino's hairy beach and Asinara was built in November 1531, when a resolution of the civic council of Sassari decided to build a fortification to protect the coral boats and the ships that passed towards the port of Porto Torres.
The works, in reality, were completed in 1596 and the work had a cost of 2817 Cagliari. Watchtower with Alcalde (the first was Giovanni Capitano with a salary of 6 soldi a month) the tower of Isola Piana was equipped with an artilleryman and four soldiers armed with guns and two cannons. In 1637, the attack by a French contingent that landed at Asinara, occupied Trabuccato and then headed for Castellaccio and towards Isola Piana.
After the cessation of the administration of the towers, it was garrisoned by the Finance Office until 1950, it was put in communication with the towers of Capo Falcone, La Pelosa, Castellaccio and Porto Torres.

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