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Země: Greece GR
Region: Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian
Porto Limnionas is one of the most pleasant swimming places in Zakynthos. This amazing island has its own nickname and is well known as Zante. Beside Limnionas is called beach, this in fact is a narrow, rocky bay to which its easy to come by natural stairways.

Porto Limnionas is located on the west part of Zante, only 7 km away from Agios Leon. It is a pleasant surprise for those that want to spend their time in a calm atmosphere far away from the crowded beaches in Zakynthos.

To get to this little bay, hunched in between the high cliffs, you must walk down the natural rocky stairs. After you are down, you can settle down on one of the flat rocks near the water, because there is no sandy beach on this bay. But this is a unique and different experience because Limnionas offers great time in swimming and diving.

The water in Porto Limnionas is a little colder and ideal for cooling down, because of the unique combination of underwater stream and underwater springs. There you can enjoy in the diving and exploring the underwater scenes and a couple of smaller and bigger caves.

If you get exhausted of the water activities, you can use the one and only tavern of Limnionas which is settled near the bay and to taste unique tastes of Zakynthos, which consists mainly of raw seafood.

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