Marine de Barcaggio (Barcaggio) Haute-Corse - Corse - France

Barcaggio Haute-Corse France

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Země: France FR
Region: Haute-Corse
Anchorage, sheltered from the SE, possible on sandy bottom of the knuckle NE - Anchor also at the beach, large picture without protection and without depth - Anchorage, with a small jetty, wide open to North. (1.50 m deep along the quay, 80 seats) winds often change direction: ESE breeze stops there and that of W-SW rushes into. Barcaggio remains a peaceful and lovely little fishing port, located at the bottom of a bay on the town of Ersa. A real end of the world at the tip of Cap Corse with opposite, just a few miles (1 nautical mile), at sea, the island of Giraglia. Barcaggio is also famous its spectacular dune which is one of the highest of Corsica and its large sandy beach. The Marine Barcaggio Tollare and are halfway to the beautiful coastal footpath that runs along the sea throughout the northern tip of Cap Corse, Macinaggio to Centuri.

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