Valdanos (Ulcinj) Ulcinj - Montenegro

Ulcinj Coastal region Crna Gora - Montenegro

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Country: Crna Gora - Montenegro ME
Region: Coastal region
This beautiful and secluded bay, three miles to the northwest of Ulcinj, owes its peace to the fact that it was a
closed-off military area until several years ago which
helped preserve its original natural beauty. There are
some abandoned houses on the northern shore, and a
hotel, currently closed, at the end of the bay. The steep
shores are covered in thick shrubs and evergreen trees,
and the flat land towards the east is covered in olive
groves. There are more than eighty thousand olive trees
in this area, some of them ancient.
The Bay used to be the main port for Ulcinj pirates, and
many sea battles took place in the waters in front of the
Bay. The most famous battle was held in 1675, when
the Turks burnt a large part of the Ulcinj pirate fleet as a
token of their new alliance with Venice.
The oldest lighthouse in Montenegro is located on Cape
Mandre, to the south of the Bay.
WARNING: The Bay is well-protected from southern winds, but
completely exposed to south-west, west, and north-west winds.
There are reefs on several locations along the northern coast.
Anchor far from the shallow end of the Bay (there is a
large-pebble beach at the end of the Bay).

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