Ulcinj Anchorage (Ulcinj) Ulcinj - Montenegro

Ulcinj Coastal region Crna Gora - Montenegro

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Country: Crna Gora - Montenegro ME
Region: Coastal region
Montenegro far south.If you are approaching Ulcinj from south-east you should be careful for unmarked rock Đeran and shallow waters Ceka, south-west from rock. These danger point are one mile away from shore.

Anchorage: In this part of Adriatic it is safe to anchor on locations:

Between Voluica cape and Đeran cape, during south wind, near shore 0,5 to 1 mile distance, it is 30-40m deep and sea bottom holds well.
On 700 to 800 m sout of Ulcinj marina, sea bottom holds well. This is the best anchorage in south wind for this area.

Ulcinj is the southernmost city at Montenegrin coast. With its natural potential Ulcinj is tourism borne. The longest beach at the Adriatic sea – Velika Plaza that is 13km long, the Ada Bojana – a unique river island with marvelous sandy beaches, Valdanos – a unique bay with a coastline covered in old olive trees, the reconstructed old city of Ulcinj – full of interesting restaurants, cafés, galleries and hotels … and many other attractive sights make Ulcinj unique and attractive for many tourists. Ulcinj is a city that you have to visit.

When we are talking about beaches, Ulcinj with the surroundings is recognized even outside the borders of Montenegro. It has characteristic very long and beautiful beaches with the unique petty sand a lot like flour. The coast of Ulcinj is 33km long, of which 18km are beaches. The most beautiful and the largest are sandy beaches of 15km length. Among numerous beaches (there are about 25 of them), with its beauty, size and the surrounding ambience only sandy beaches: Velika plaza (The Big beach), Mala plaza (The Small beach), Ada Bojana, as well as the beaches Borove sume (The Pine forests) and Valdanos stand out.

According to historical data Ulcinj is fro sure one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast. It is thought that Ulcinj is more that 2.000 years old. In this area for centuries the cultures of Orient and the West collided, which by the richness of the historical inheritance, can be felt in every step. As the tracks of the first settlements in Ulcinj appear even before V century B.C. it is considered that Ulcinj was founded by Illyrians, the people of the Indo-European origin. At the time of the free Illyrian state, Ulcinj experiences its greatest bloom. The original name of Ulcinj was Kolhinijum, and it got such name by Kolhidians (a tribe of Greek origin) for which is thought that they are the founders of the old Ulcinj Lake.

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