Grama Bay (Dukat) Vlorë - Albania

Dukat Vlorë Albania

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Country: Albania AL
Region: Vlorë
It is not so easy to arrive at Grama Bay. That`s what makes it a better destination to visit, because not everyon is willing to go there. There are two main ways to get there: by boat, departing from Dhermi; or hiking up in the hills for more than 5 hours. Whatever is your favorite way, do not miss a visit in this not only beautiful bay, but a historical one too. Let me tell you why:
Grama Bay on the Karaburun Peninsula, known as Grammatas Bay, is located on the western slope, very close to Orikum. It has served as a haven for ships in distress along this dangerous coast in difficult weather conditions. This bay initially served as an area of ​​local stone exploitation, in large quarries, traces of which can still be seen today on both slopes.

The name of Grama is clearly associated with the engraved inscriptions that in antiquity, the rock inscriptions were numerous in the bay of Grama, there are counted with more than 1500 inscriptions, the Greek inscriptions are more ancient and belong to the last centuries BC, followed by some Latin inscriptions of the imperial period, before medieval Greek was predominant with inscriptions that most often refer to Jesus Christ.

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